About us

ButanGas, a success story since 1948

ButanGas was founded on 13 December 1948 by Professor and Doctor Giuseppe Costantino Dragan, who was among the first to understand the importance a clean energy source that is always ready for use and of great social impact, such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), could have on Italy’s economic and industrial growth, as in that time the country was engaged in the great reconstruction process that began at the end of the Second World War.

Since its first years of life, ButanGas has been able to carve out an important role on the market and has been a protagonist of the country’s development, organising distribution throughout the Peninsula, including the islands, with a network of branches and LPG storage and bottling plants located in strategic regions.

With this in mind, in 1951 the construction of a coastal storage warehouse began in Naples which is one of the largest in Southern Europe today, with its 18,710 m3 of total storage area. In the following years other plants were inaugurated: Porto Torres (1955), Catania (1956), Bari (1960) Mantua (1961), Porcari (1962) and Pescara (1968). Strengthened by this philosophy, ButanGas has rapidly grown to become one of the main players on the Italian LPG market.

ButanGas today

ButanGas is part of Veroniki Holding – Dragan Group, a multinational company founded and led by Dr Daniela Veronica Gusa de Dragan, with 1300 employees operating in nine European countries (Italy, Greece, Romania, Germany, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Spain and France) in different sectors:

  • the distribution of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), the Group’s core business;
  • the renewable energy sector;
  • the naval sector;
  • real estate activities;
  • the medical sector;
  • the food packaging sector;
  • Social Responsibility activities.

ButanGas operates throughout Italy through 15 branches, 15 operating units and 9 large product storage and bottling plants, including two coastal storage warehouses. The ButanGas distribution network, which also extends to the most inland or difficult to reach rural areas of the country, boasts a fleet of 150 tank trucks and 110 lorries that allow it to reach 150,000 small tank customers, 20,000 metered customers and more than 5,000 cylinder resellers.

In 2019 ButanGas opened up to the Energy and Methane free market thanks to its long, consolidated experience in the development of sustainable energy.

ButanGas is also a majority shareholder in AreaGas Domegliara (VR) and IPEM Brindisi, respectively railway and coastal LPG storage warehouses, and is present on the market of LPG for vehicles with Multifuel stations (petrol, diesel, LPG, and compressed and liquid methane) throughout Italy in both owned and affiliated structures. ButanGas ensures safe and fast service at competitive prices for its customers, making use of advanced and environmentally friendly technology and placing safety and respect for the environment among its essential objectives: all the ButanGas plants are equipped with the highest standards of safety, efficiency and technology. This philosophy and the values that support it have allowed ButanGas to obtain the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.

The Veroniki Holding Group

Veroniki Holding is a multinational entity present in 9 European countries (Italy, Greece, Romania, Germany, Poland, Austria, Serbia, Spain and France) where it operates through a number of companies.

Established in 2010 by Mrs. Daniela Veronica Gusa de Dragan as the unique coordinating structure of Dragan Group, Veroniki Holding was conceived to carry out strategical and control duties as well as technical, administrative and financial coordination for the subsidiaries. The core business of the Group is the distribution of LPG with a professional and efficient service in Europe, where the Group is present with the companies ButanGas in Italy, PetroGaz in Greece, Drachen PropanGas in Germany, PropanGas in Austria, ButanGas Romania in Romania, ButanGas International in Serbia and DragonGaz in Poland.

Moreover, in Greece the shipping of LPG is operated through a fleet of LPG carriers owned by two companies of the Group: Mare Vera and Veronaus. In addition, the Group is active in the production of energy from renewable sources, in the Real Estate sector, in health services, in the production of r-PET food packaging and in culture and education area.

The mission of Veroniki Holding is to create value with integrity, for the benefit of its customers, employees and shareholders and its target is to become the most efficient, solid, environmentally sensitive organzation, in conclusion sustainable as much as possible in every sector it operates.

Partner and Sponsorship

ButanGas selects qualified partners to offer its customers products and services of maximum efficiency and safety, from heating and air conditioning systems to the design and installation of biogas plants, to the supply of special equipment such as food trucks, trailers and trolleys.

ButanGas also has sponsorships to promote the spread of clean energy, the adoption of sustainable lifestyles, cultural and sporting activities.