LPG Tanks

Serbatoio industriale

LPG Tanks

ButanGas tanks are made of high-quality steel and are designed to contain LPG up to a maximum operating pressure of 17.7 bar: a special safety valve avoids excessive internal overpressures and guarantees the stability of the tank itself.

We develop customised solutions according to different production needs, and we offer a technical assistance service 24 hours a day.

The LPG storage plant essentially consists of one or more tanks of adequate capacity, equipped with valves and equipment to perform various functions:

  • Operation – service group for gas withdrawal with relative shut-off valve, filling valve and valve for eventual withdrawal in liquid phase.
  • Control – pressure gauge and level indicator.
  • Safety – safety valve, level indicator and pressure gauge.

The LPG plant: an advantageous choice

The TUA (excise tax law) provides for the use of LPG in centralised plants for industrial use to reduce the rate in force by 90%, so that LPG is used in the production cycle and not for heating.

all linear measurements are expressed in meters

LITRESDdLlHWheight kgLPG Capacity in kg

all linear measurements are expressed in meters

LITRESDdLlHWeight kgLPG Capacity in kg

all linear measurements are expressed in meters

Model1.000 L.O.1.000 L.V.1.650 L.V.1.750 L.O.3.000 L.O5.000 L.O.
A : meas. base1.350 x 700h = 100Diam. 1.020h = 120Diam. 1.220h =  1401.550 x 900h = 1201.600 x 1.000h = 150Cast on site
B : diam. bodyDiam. 800Diam. 1000Diam. 1200Diam. 1.000Diam. 1.200Diam. 1200
C. alt. Installation1.4002.0002.2801.6001.8501.850
Total weight. Kg5505008308501.2001.040 + concrete

the measurements shown are indicative with the tank dimensions indicated in the construction booklet

H- height1.3201.9002.1801.5201.7701.770