ButanGas, energy for your daily life

With extensive experience in the LPG sector and a widespread distribution network throughout the country, ButanGas has opened to the free market for energy and methane, to be even closer to you and your daily needs.

This is why ButanGas has decided to develop a multi-utility service: LPG, Energy and Methane, allowing you to optimise your consumption through solutions designed for your real needs.

Discover the ButanGas Energy offers and contact us for a personalised consultation: ButanGas turns on the savings you were looking for in your home or business.

Because we know how precious energy is, and we want to dedicate it to those who really count. You!

Because your energy is our engine.


The best energy, always within your reach

We not only express our care for the customer in the quality of our service but also, and above all, in the possibility of establishing a direct relationship with managers to promptly satisfy every kind of request, from consultancy to technical assistance.

ButanGas offers its customers different ways to contact us and receive support:

  • Welcome Letter confirming the contractual proposal.
  • Welcome Call to confirm supply activation, along with the verification of personal data and summary of the conditions for providing the service.
  • Toll-free number +39 800 801 810, free of charge from landlines and mobile networks, for assistance and help in the administrative procedure for submitting paperwork relating to the requested service.
  • Free and personalised advice, through a dedicated specialist who will follow the customer for the duration of the contract.
  • Insights on technical issues and immediate forwarding of commercial requests to the branch closest to the customer.
  • Direct contact with the sales force present throughout Italy.