Composite LPG Cylinder

Composite cylinders

The new cylinder made of composite materials lets you check the level of gas contained inside the container thanks to a special translucent material. You can check the amount of gas available at any time.

Manageability, weight and small dimensions make it particularly suitable for transport and use in camping, in the nautical sector and in all mobile catering activities (e.g. food trucks).


  • It is safe. The composite cylinder has a high resistance: the fibres composing it are capable of withstanding an internal pressure 30 times greater than that exerted by the contained gas.
  • It is not explosive. If touched by fire, it reacts with controlled combustion to exclude the risk of explosion, as tests carried out by independent bodies and ministerial bodies have shown.
  • It is resistant to shocks and deterioration caused by time and atmospheric agents.
  • It withstands temperature changes, allowing the supply of gas with atmospheric temperatures from -40°C to +65°C.
  • It complies with all European safety regulations.
  • It is light, handy and easy to use. It weighs half as much as the corresponding traditional steel cylinders, making lifting, transport and installation easy.
  • It works like traditional cylinders with a similar universal screw connection.

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