LPG Cylinder

LPG cylinders

ButanGas LPG cylinders are safe, easy to handle and easily transportable. They are tested and filled in our high-tech plants, in compliance with regulations and the highest environmental safety standards.

The cylinders are filled with liquid-state LPG up to a maximum of 80% of their total volume, while the remaining 20% is occupied by LPG naturally passed in the gaseous state. After this process, the cylinder is weighed and subjected to a further quality control to check for any leaks.

In fact, each cylinder is equipped with a seal cap which certifies the verification, control and approval for sale by the ButanGas plants.

After use, the customer must return the cylinder to the authorised reseller from which they purchased it. Only in doing so is it possible to carry out the necessary safety checks and allow for any new and correct refilling.

We remind you that the current legislation (Italian Legislative Decree no. 128 of 22/02/2006 updated by the Italian Budget Law of 2019) provides for administrative and criminal penalties if the cylinders are filled unlawfully.

Our cylinders

ButanGas cylinders are available in different formats to satisfy your every need:

1011/1321/23270×600Cooking use
1313/1526/28300X639Cooking and heating use
1515/1730/32315×654Cooking and heating use
2021/2441/44315×807Cooking and heating use

Where to Purchase

Find out which reseller is closest to you by contacting our branches in your region.